Where have I been? That’s a good question. Being a Chef is a very consuming job. It just takes over my whole being. My life in food has been a constant battle of time. How do I work while not letting the job suck the rest of my life out of me? I love what I do, the long hours, fast insane pace and the food. It’s my life.

My alcohol addiction went hand and hand with my profession. Drinking to access night after night after 15 hour days. It was what we all did. Many Chef’s have burnt out due to the lifestyle. It all catches up with you and you just can’t do the grind anymore. Your choice is either get out or try to stop drinking. Or even better both. I went with stop drinking, address my demons, and build a life outside of the kitchen.

Easier said then done. It’s been a long battle of successes and failures. Putting some alcohol free time together than going out and drinking on impulse. Looking back I can see how much I’ve grown and don’t beat myself up with guilt for drinking. I just get back up and move forward one step at a time.

I continue to search for different parts to add to my recovery plan. I never give up no matter what happens.

The photo was taken of me on the deck of The Octagon Cafe at Stowe Mountain Ski Resort in Vermont. It is located at the top of the Four Runner Quad Lift.  I was the manager which included loading food from the US Foods truck onto the snowcat at 5am to bring up the mountain. The Octagon has amazing views of Vermont and the Adirondacks. In this photo you can see I’m above the clouds.

So I’m back blogging again after a long break and it feels good.