My trip to Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine. My father was a great and humble man. He was a architect by profession and loved to spend time in the Mid Coast of Maine with Mom. We would rent a house on the water and enjoy all Maine has to offer. Walk on the rocky coast, eat lobster, visit the quaint towns, kayak, and just relax. It was our place to go with the family and my Aunt Ro and Uncle Walt.

Dad and Mom loved Maine so much they decided that when they retired they would live in Maine. So my Dad bought some land and designed a beautiful modern house on a lazy quiet wooded lot. Well as life goes it didn’t go as planned, Dad died of cancer. Yet Mom built the house anyway. What a beautiful house it’s so serene and quiet, you can feel Dad’s presence.

So last week took a trip up the coast to Bar Harbor. The town itself was a typical tourist town with restaurants, gift shops, bars, and of course tons of shirt stores. Lots going on for families and outdoor activities. I’m not much for the crowds or the tourist grind to stressful, but the park was my THING. I loved the hiking and the views of the ocean and all the islands. The carriage roads are great for cycling and getting away from the crowds. I got some great photos and loved being in nature.