Rode through the farmlands on a hot summer day. What a beautiful ride past the corn fields, the Delaware River and rolling hills. The Jersey corn, tomatoes and fresh produce at all the farm stands along the way brings memories of growing up in Jersey.

I have been cycling a lot this summer more than ever. Doing an average of 75 miles a week. In fact my health has never been better. It has helped me to stay positive and to keep protecting my alcohol free life. My biggest obstacle at this point is eating. I have to make it a priority to eat in the morning. With working out, cycling and being sober it MUST BE A PRIORITY!

I have been following Recovery 2.0 founded by Tommy Rosen on Facebook and it has been a big part of my recovery program. He offers progressive, inspiring and holistic approaches to addiction recovery. Please check out his Recovery 2.0 Global Community at There are many great resources out there for holistic recovery. My recovery has been exciting and adventurous.