This blog is about living a alcohol free life with all it’s challenges. What life as a Chef is all about, it’s rewards, challenges and most important the FOOD. Also my cycling journeys.

Where to begin. Still navigating this whole blog thing. A little about me, I’m a Chef, an avid cyclist and live an alcohol free life. My battles with alcohol go back to my teenage years. I’m 56 years old so I’ve been battling my demons for most of my life. What I have learned more than anything else is to NEVER GIVE UP.

Lost a great friend this summer due to depression. My friend was an alcoholic and a sober active member in a 12 step program for 15 years. Yet with all that, a program, and a fellowship he felt he had no other option. You never know what is really going on in someone elses world. I have enough dealing with my own world. The photo above is for my friend taken in the Adirondack Mountains outside of Lake Placid, NY.

I’m hoping this blog can be a place to pool resources about recovery, to share my journey of cycling and my life as a Chef.